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Consultation & Quotation

Welsh Dragon Fuels & Stoves pride themselves on providing a high quality, high value service. We know that each stove installation is different so we aim to work with our valued clients to make the process as informative and as trouble-free as possible. BOOK your FREE consultation with one of our experienced HETAS qualified personnel today who will arrange to visit and survey your home, discuss your needs and offer individual advice on different stove options and what work you will need on your fireplace, chimney, etc. Once we fully understand your needs we will provide you with a detailed quotation. 

Stove Selection

We know this is a big decision and want to provide as much help and advice to you as we can. As an approved stove stockist, we keep many models on display in our Showroom and in stock and are able to source many others. There are three very important elements to consider when choosing the size of your stove: 1) Physical Size - Do you have enough room for the stove to function properly and conform to building regulations? 2) Output - Do you have the right amount of heat for your room? 3) Style. If your stove is properly sized then your need for central heating could be greatly reduced. But, while a stove that's too small will not be able to heat the room adequately, if you buy a stove that's too big in relation to the room, you will be forever cutting the air supply to keep the room temperature down. Please use the calculator below to calculate Kilowatts output for your room.

• Multiply Room Length x Room Width x Room Height (measured in metres).

• Divide the figure you have (the space of your room in cubic metres) by 14.

• Your final figure is the output you will need from a stove to heat your room.

• N.B. The ability of a stove to heat your room will be affected by such aspects as a larger than usual number of doors or windows (including patio) in the room, or other draft sources.


Welsh Dragon Fuels & Stoves offers a HETAS registered installation service on all of our products. This enables us to bypass the Planning application and certification process as our HETAS registered installers can self certify their own work. Thus saving the customer money, time and the worry of knowing if the job has been done correctly. Our engineers are experts in their field and are well versed in with the many complexities of installing stoves and offer the following services:

• Chimney flue liners removed and installed

• Chimney pots, cowls, and bird guards installed, capping off pots

• Twin wall systems if you do not have an existing flue in place

• Associated fire place building work

• Fire place opening enlargement and bricking up

• Lintels and hearths to your specifications

• Wall vents and floor vents

After Sales Service

After installation is finished we will be on hand to give advice, arrange servicing and chimney sweeping visits and supply fireside accessories and spare parts. As a fully approved Diploma Coal merchant, we can also offer a full range of solid fuels and logs for cash & carry or delivery:-


Welsh Dragon Fuels & Stoves is able to supply all your fuel needs. We stock a comprehensive range of quality fuels including housecoal, anthracites, smokeless coal, wood logs, briquettes and pellets; we are also stockists of Union lignite coal briketts, the perfect complement to wood for wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves.

When burning solid fuel:

Burn only fuels approved by your appliance manufacturer. Do not burn housecoal or pure petroleum coke as this will damage your appliance and components and may invalidate your warranty. A cast iron grate is recommended (standard on multi-fuel stoves) as solid fuel requires air from below to burn.

When burning wood:

Wood (soft or hard) should be well seasoned with moisture content ideally below 25%. Seasoned wood is wood that has been cut, split and stored for a recommended minimum period of 18 months. Unseasoned wood will give poor heat, tar your chimney (leading to the risk of chimney fires) and turn your stove glass black.

Kiln-Dried Wood provide a clean burn with a much higher heat output than seasoned logs.

DO NOT BURN: Domestic rubbish as this may damage stove components and chimney and may invalidate your warranty.

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